Funded Trader Programmes

Do you want to start a career as a Prop Trader with a $12,500 trading account?

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FX Traders


Do you want to become a FX Prop Trader?

Are you New to trading or have traded a Demo account and want to become a Prop Trader with guaranteed $12.5k funding?

Duration: 3 months

Mode: In-house or remote

Fee from: £1950 + VAT 

Duration: 12 months

Mode: In-house or remote

Fees: £3950 + VAT

Cryptocurrency Traders


Do you want to become a Cryptocurrency Prop Trader?

Are you new to trading cryptocurrencies and want to learn from experience traders? Join Europe's only Cryptocurrency prop fund and get funded!

Duration: 3 months

Mode: In-house or remote


Fee: £1950 + VAT 

Duration: 12 months

Mode: In-house or remote

Fees from: £3800 + VAT


Experienced Trader Incubator Programme

Hire a Desk and Receive $12,500 Capital to Trade!

Duration: 12 weeks (based on experience) 

Fee: £1000 + VAT

Mode: In-House 

Programme Overview

The Experienced Trader Incubator is an immersive 12-week programme for experienced traders looking to get funded to develop in a Proprietary Trading Firm. Its content provides a strong practical experience trading on an active trading floor under the supervision of Senior Traders. Experienced traders who will be offered $10,000 capital to trade in Alphachain Capital offices as a Prop Trader with a profit share package. This gives an opportunity for promising and motivated traders to begin a successful career as a Prop Trader with Alphachain Capital.

What does it involve?

You will hire a Trading Desk and work closely with Senior Traders to make exceptional trading decisions, often in a fast-paced environment. Traders will explore new opportunities, analyse their risks and rewards and collaborate with each other to form trading strategies. We focus on providing traders the perfect trading environment, enabling them to rapidly progress and gain responsibilities. All our traders are independent contractors who are responsible for their own profitability on the trading floor. We’re looking for fast learners and driven individuals to join our team as a Prop Trader.



  • Ability to learn quickly

  • Extraordinary quantitative skills

  • Comfort in fast-paced environment

  • Attention to detail with excellent organisational skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • More than 12 months Live Trading experience 

What we give back

  • Trade a $12,500 live accounts from the day one

  • A live trading floor with experience traders of all backgrounds

  • A fast-paced working environment, with a dress-down corporate culture.

  • Guidance and mentorship throughout the assessment

Experienced Hires

Hiring a Trading Desk for 12-week is mandatory for all traders with more than a 12 month profitable live trading track record who wish to become a Prop Trader at Alphachain Capital. Experienced traders get allocated capital of $12,500 to become a Prop Trader. Starting capital is increased based on set achievable targets being achieved.


Fees: £1000 + VAT implementation fee + monthly subsidised desk-hire fee for initial 12 week period. 

Please be advised that applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and so early application is encouraged.

If you have at least 12 months' profitable track record of trading your own capital please apply directly by completing an experienced trader application form - click HERE to do that.


If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend a Trader assessment week.


By trading with securities you are taking a high degree of risk. You can lose all of your invested money. You should start trading only if you are aware of this risk. Alphachain Academy doe not provide any specific investment advice, we are an trader education company. All information provided on this site is intended solely for the study purposes related to trading on financial markets and does not serve in any way as a specific investment recommendation, business recommendation, investment opportunity analysis or similar general recommendation regarding the trading of investment instruments. 

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