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Trader Interview

Paolo O

Tell us about your experience at Alphachain 

Lacking former economic foundations, my first 4 months were dedicated solely on educating myself about the basics of financial markets, major asset classes, and technical analysis. I didn't buy into the get-rich quick thing. In April 2019 I decided to open up a demo account, and test what I've learnt. By that time I enrolled in a brief trading course from a well-known commodity based ETF trader, altough I developed more interest in futures as I developed.


My first results were what I considered normal for a newcomer: I was red, quite consistently! My first serious mistake was to go live on the 7th of August, 2019, with less than 80 trades (and no spreadsheets to back my strategy!) under my belt. I kind of figured the chances of being the next Jesse Livermore were slim, so I started off with less than $1000. I stopped trading at -20% after 2 and a half months. I think what prevented me to blow up, or my strength, was realize in time that trading is a defense game.


In late October 2019 I had my first decent return on a 3-day swing on a bull natural gas ETN. It was my first very thoroughly planned trade, where I started looking at GFS-ENS forecasts for the 2 weeks ahead, tracked storage inventories from EIA reports, and realized we were close to the beginning of the withdrawal season. I liked the fact I had to push my brain to be right. I got in one day before I expected NG to go up. I took heat for an entire day, then a huge rally followed, and I panic-sold at the very first retracement, nowhere near my target! I was absolutely overwhelmed by my emotions, and got pretty upset when I saw NG rally up 20% MORE right after I got out! I locked in 10%. It never happened to me before! It felt good, but I realized something I thought was much more important: the effect on emotions on my decision-making.


I got to know more trading psychology, and on the 28th of the same month I somehow received an offer from Alphachain Capital. I couldn't believe it! I picked Alphachain because of their cross-asset approach, focus on innovative strategies and technology (quant approach), and because overall it looked like an environment where a trader feels looked after, where mentors care, and can help him blossom into a Trader.


That was it. I asked my direct superior at my job in Rome for a month break after closing a 45K sale, and resigned the same day when she flatly refused. She didn't like that much, but I guess I already decided what was I going to be. From November to February I spent the majority of my waking hours learning about currencies, harassing Gavin, and asking for more material, and on the 2nd of March, I landed back to the country that unknowingly shaped me into a retail trader.


The reason I decided to try with a prop firm, was because I realized I had to look for guidance if I was ever going to make it. I wanted to be good, really good at something, I wanted it to be something that I felt attracted to, and that wouldn't stop testing me, and rewarded me appropriately if I did put the work in. I didn't care about the safety of a paycheck. I wanted to measure myself against other traders, but beat myself and no one else.


Overall, I really enjoyed the training, and it felt good to understand that my theory wasn't too bad, although I realized quickly I lacked experience!  The major benefit was to be around other traders, look at charts through their eyes, live and talk trading with them. Although brief, because of the lockdown, I truly cherished it.


I got funded on the 13th of May. Little did I know just a year before, buying peaks in a demo account! If I manage to stay disciplined and be profitable, the goal is to become a trader. And stick around until I'll know without a shred of doubt there isn't anything else I could possibly ask them to teach me, or no direction given to grow more as a trader. And I guess that would be a really long time.

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